Put Clients First, Time Is Life

Shanghai Fuji infiltrates service idea of “put clients first, time is life” into each service link. From presales, in sales to after sales, Shanghai Fuji establishes rigorous service management system, actively responds to clients’ consultancy, provides detailed using direction, gives fast response to installment and maintenance,and treats quality service for clients’ highly recognition.

Internet of Things technology speeds up service

Shanghai Fuji Elevator applies most advanced Internet of Things technology to control each elevator’s dynamic information- ft also combines with the Shanghai Fuji Elevator’s “one elevator one file” filing system, which enables to update each elevator’s information base in real time and take precautions to bring excellent elevator service for users.

Improve maintenance efficiency

System can automatically send maintenance staff that is closest to the accident place to the place. Maintenance staff can check elevator’s changed parts status and maintenance record through visiting “Internet of Things platform” by cell phone. And they can also conduct long-distance guidance for the whole process of maintenance contents through cell phone, thus greatly improves maintenance efficiency.

Maintenance in advance

” Internet of Things platform” has the ability to do statistics and calculation on
the using times, time and abrasion of the common-used parts and major
equipment, and warn elevator enterprise to maintain and change in time, thus
making sure the maintenance in advance and the sufficient use of parts.

Active alarm

‘Internet of Things platform’ changes the traditional passive alarm mode. System can firstly obtain elevator’s failure information and inform related personnel to arrive at accident place to repair elevator by way of system information and message.



Cover national after-sales service network

Shanghai Fuji Elevator sets up branches in major cities in China, and makes first
response for clients and provides expedient backup supply.