Originality – enterprise foundation, from the essence of quality

Shanghai Fuji Elevator inherits Shanghai industry’s originality connotation and artisan spirit, thus create the artisan quality of Shanghai Fuji Elevator and form homely and forceful inheritance-level quality elevator connotation.
Love and passion  only love and consistent passion can persistently drive the steps forward and the heart pursuing perfection;
Seek perfection  pay attention on details, pursue perfection, allow no small flaw on the product;
Meticulous  do not be opportunistic, must make sure the quality of each part and adopt strict test standard on product.
Focus on persistence  focus on elevator products, never satisfy with product quality and always  pursue most excellent product within industry.

culture system of Shanghai Fuji elevator

Taking industrial spirits of pursuing perfection, demanding on quality and bold in innovation as enterprise’s spirit bottom color, construct enterprise culture core of Shanghai Fuji Elevator, consistently instill this steadfast spirit and deep connotation into new innovation and vitality, thus truly interpret the meaning of inheritance-level quality elevator.
Enterpride Visiod become the reliable and respected elevator brand around the globe;
Enterpride Gene internal richness and external execution;
Enterpride character uniqueness steadiness responsibility confidence;
Enterpride culture passion focus persistence innovation;
Enterpride mission born for elevator;
Enterpride values uncompromising quality insistence unsatisfactory quality pursuit.

Artisan -Uncompromising Quality Insistence

Inheritance is not stuck into the tradition and not stands still and refuses to make progress. The true meaning of inheritance is the never compromising and satisfactory on quality, always sticks to inner principle and gradually instill innovation, thus set up the highest standard for quality and lead industrial development.

0.01% quality law

Since the foundation, Shanghai Fuji Elevator has viewed product quality as the soul of enterprise and always stuck to 0.01 % quality law and never surrendered to the 0.01 % imperfection. At the same time, it always keeps on pursuing high quality. For the 0.01% progress, it makes unremitting efforts.

Quality – Strict Quality-control Management

Excellent quality comes from refined manufacturing and quality’s strict control. Shanghai Fuji Elevator’s perfect pursuit and strong responsibility on quality elevator drives it to stick to the quality bottom line by dint of most strict quality-control management system.

Each elevator must pass strict test

Before packing and delivery, each Shanghai Fuji elevator must pass the strict
test of Shanghai Fuji Elevator. Each detail, from design, installment to operation
monitoring, is in control to make sure clients can be delivered with most safe,
reliable and excellent elevator products.

Select world’s advanced parts

Since its foundation, Shanghai Fuji has stuck to importing original core
components and parts. In the guarantee of core technology, the elevator using
life and safety has gained great improvements. In the meantime, elevator all
adopts high-quality steel and high standard on each manufacturing link so as
to make the quality of Shanghai Fuji Elevator stand at the front of the industry.

Producing and management

Shanghai Fuji Elevator establishes normative production system and professional production fine. Each production line has definite labor division on product control management, which enables to monitor and track elevator manufacturing status at any time and make sure the no-error operation in each link.