Professional Passenger Elevator with Advanced Japan Technology

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  • Port: ShangHai
  • FOB price: USD 9000-20000/ Unit
  • Production time: 25-30 days after downpayment
  • Supply Ability: 1000 Units per Month
  • Payment Terms: TT,L/C
  • Brand: Shanghai FUJI
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    1. Japan advanced technology
    FUJI introduced Japan elevator core technology,continuous innovation,always maintain the industry’s technology leadership.
    2. Safe and reliable
    FUJI passenger elevator puts safety the first place, to ensure each passenger’s safe delivery to destination.
    3. Space configurability
    From the view of space saving, FUJI passenger elevator make new layout of machiine room, improved the space availability.
    4. Energy saving and environment friendly
    FUJI passenger elevator adopts gearless permanent magnet synchronous machine to save energy and protect environment.
    5. Excellent management team
    FUJI has an outstanding management team,in world’s huge elevator market,with high effciency,professional,will FUJI quality to your side.
    6. Free custom-made
    Customers can customized apperance for their own elevators from aspects of car finish, design, ceiling and floor materials.



    New type of permanent magnet synchronous traction machine to save space,stable performance,solid and durable,greatly improve the efficiency of building transportation of transport,and reduce the failure rate,make the lift longer and more stable to provide services for all kinds of buildings.It not only than the traditional traction machine save up to 40% of energy consumption,at the same time in hoisting height and load capacity stable noise reduction has a good performance.


    VVVF door operator system.Shanghai FUJI elevator can freely adjust the door open/shut speed with the advanced variable frequency door operator. The ingenious design of the car height, the whole system is of the safety and reliability, which ensures smooth running.


    The company adopts 32-bit microcomputer joint control system with faster and more accurate data processing to enhance the rate of system scheduling and running,which can detect the exact position of the car at any time to ensure the story-aiming precision accuracy of almost the zero error.With compact structure,the powerful anti-jamming design keeps the control system from environmental interference and influence,with low failure rate and high reliability.




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  • Shanghai FUJI Elevator in draught the most advanced elevator technology from Japn.and adapt the world top equipment.Products manufcturing strictly implement European EN115,EN81 standard,which equals to Chian GB16899-1997,GB7588-2003 standard,and we are awarded the ISO9001:2008 quality system certifictation as well as the products certifications with TUV,CE logo,which are issued by Japan Technology Monitoring Association.photobank (2)







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