“power cuts” have an important impact on our elevator industry

There is a lot of turmoil on the Internet about “power cuts”. Does this have an impact on our elevator industry? The answer is yes, it is not a long-term power outage, he will notify in advance, and then the power outage. This will definitely have a very big impact on our elevator production, and it will also have a big impact on the delivery cycle. An elevator company’s agent said that their delivery cycle has been extended to 40-45 days.

On September 27th, an elevator factory has issued a notice that the company’s production capacity has been severely affected by the power cuts. Although the company has purchased generators, the production capacity still cannot meet market demand, and the delivery cycle of all elevator products will be reduced accordingly. Long, resulting in longer than the agreed date.

A simple investigation shows that there are still many areas affected by the power cuts. There are elevator factories in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hunan and other places.

Of course, not only the complete elevator machine manufacturers, but also elevator component manufacturers will be affected by this, and some elevator component manufacturers have even stopped taking orders. If the production capacity of elevator components and the elevator machine is insufficient, I don’t know if it will cause the elevator industry’s price to rise.

Regardless of the factors of delivery cycle or price increase, plus the elevator peak season in the next few months, if you need to buy elevators, please place an order in advance.

Post time: Nov-26-2021