Stainless steel soared 45%, copper rose 38%, and aluminum rose 37%! Elevator prices are imminent!

Just after the Spring Festival in 2021, the rise of raw materials filled the elevator industry. Copper rose by 38%, plastic by 35%, aluminum by 37%, iron by 30%, glass by 30%, and zinc alloy by 30%. 48%, stainless steel also soared by 45%, I heard that rare earth prices will also increase, and copper has risen to the highest level in nearly nine years. The raw materials have gone up a wave the year before, and another wave just after the end of the year. The price pressure on elevator manufacturers and component manufacturers can be imagined. Some component manufacturers are already preparing to adjust prices. The price increase is imminent, and the profit is as thin as paper, and it is difficult to carry without the price increase.

In the past few days, a friend’s company has been renovating. The installer said that the price of copper pipes and air conditioners has increased. If you two years ago, it will be a lot cheaper.

If there is an elevator whole elevator project, it is recommended that customers make a deposit as soon as possible to schedule production as soon as possible. If you need elevator components, purchase some in advance and prepare enough goods. Otherwise, there may be such a situation. Today you think things are more expensive, don’t panic, observe for a few more days and you will find that it is more expensive. Of course, our elevator companies must do a good job in marketing, but also do a good job of internal strength, actively innovate, and let the elevator have more selling points. Gradually standardize elevator components, reduce the manufacturing cost of elevator components, and speed up the delivery of elevators.


In 2020, China’s elevator output is 1.05 million units, a year-on-year increase of 7%. In 2021, the Chinese elevator market is expected to increase by 5-10% year-on-year, and it is still the largest and best market in the world. In such a complex environment, we Chinese elevator companies must do well Self-adjustment to achieve healthy and rapid development.


Customers who need elevators and elevator parts, hurry up and place an order, and you will benefit from placing an order early.

Post time: Mar-07-2022