Patient from hospital elevator miraculously escaped on a stretcher | Video

A macabre video of a patient on a stretcher narrowly escaping an accident has gone viral on social media after the hospital’s elevator failed. The video was first shared on social media by journalist Abhinai Deshpande and has since been viewed more than 200,000 times on Twitter.
The video shows two men carrying a patient on a stretcher. The man on the other side of the stretcher brought the stretcher while another man stood outside with the stretcher stuck halfway between the elevator and the hallway. Somehow, the elevator malfunctioned and moved down without getting the patient in or out.
Passers-by who witnessed this ordeal sought to somehow avert a potential crisis. The second part of the video shows the men falling off the stretcher when the elevator went out of order. The place and hospital where the incident occurred has not yet been reported.
Netizens on Twitter were stunned when they saw the video. While most asked if the patient was fine after the accident, others asked where the incident took place. “It’s a shame!!! Are the patients safe? Elevator companies should be held accountable,” one Twitter user commented.
The video came days after a similar incident in Russia, in which a man’s head was nearly blown off by an elevator.
Elevators in buildings around the world save countless people time by moving them to different floors in less time. In addition, they help people with disabilities who cannot use escalators or stairs. But what happens when these critical machines fail and put lives at risk?
In one video, an elevator in a hospital facility can be seen breaking down as a patient is being loaded into it. A video of the incident was recently posted on Twitter and has been viewed more than 200,000 times.
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The video shows two men transporting a patient in an elevator in what appears to be a hospital. A person at the other end of the stretcher is carrying a patient into the elevator, while another person is standing outside the stretcher, waiting for an opportunity to enter. The elevator moved quickly before the man had time to fully place the patient in the elevator. Passers-by rushed to the elevator shaft, somehow avoiding a potential accident. Meanwhile, a second video released shows a man on a stretcher fainting from a sudden movement.
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Many netizens expressed shock and concern about the video. Some left comments and asked if the patient was okay, while others asked where the incident took place. Many netizens also shared their opinions about elevator safety.
It’s terrible, I believe that the hospital should do regular maintenance, otherwise this will happen again.
Fortunately, when the elevator came down completely, the patient appeared to be inside. These elevator companies should be sued.

Post time: Nov-29-2022