Shanghai Fuji Elevator uses “love” to help “no hindrance”, making warmth within reach

In recent years, the state has stepped up efforts to promote the construction of barrier-free environment, which has achieved good results. Barrier-free facilities can be seen everywhere from subways, railway stations, airports to residential areas, which greatly facilitates people’s lives.

Similarly, many elevator companies have also played their own advantages to help the construction of the barrier-free field. Among them, Shanghai Fuji Elevator, as a national enterprise that has been deeply involved in the elevator industry for many years, actively fulfills its social responsibilities and gives back to the society with practical actions while developing itself.
In order to ensure the travel needs of the disabled, Shanghai Fuji Elevator has developed a series of functional products such as contactless call, disabled manipulator and Braille buttons by virtue of its strong comprehensive strength, hard-core independent research and development capabilities and unique technical advantages. . Provide convenience and relatively safe space for the majority of disabled people, and create a social environment of mutual respect, equality and friendliness.
01-No contact call

In addition to the traditional buttons, various elevator calling methods such as voice, mobile phone QR code, gestures, and somatosensory have been added, so that those passengers who are in wheelchairs due to inconvenient legs and feet can choose voice calls even if they cannot reach the traditional elevator buttons. Elevator, gesture call and other methods; Similarly, passengers with visual impairment and hearing impairment can also choose the elevator call method that suits them to take the elevator, making it more convenient, simple and safe to take the elevator.
02-Voice broadcast system

Different from the voice call and arrival bell, the voice broadcast system is mainly a voice prompt for blind friends. The elevator voice broadcast system will broadcast the car’s up and down running direction and floor information in real time, and when the elevator has abnormal conditions such as failure and trapping, ARD running and car position correction, the system can also automatically play voice to appease, eliminate the need for The uneasiness of passengers, while preventing improper self-help behavior.


03- Handicapped Control Box & Braille Buttons

The disabled manipulator is mainly used by people in wheelchairs. It is usually installed below the main manipulator, or the left side of the door is slightly lower than the main manipulator, so that the disabled passengers can easily understand the floor instructions. operate. In addition, when the elevator stops at the leveling floor, if the floor has the instruction registration of the disabled manipulator, the elevator door opening time will increase. Similarly, if there is an open door command from the disabled manipulator, the door opening time will also increase.

The Braille button, as the name suggests, is the elevator button with a Braille logo, which is convenient for blind and visually impaired passengers. For the blind, Braille is like a lighthouse in a dark world, so that they no longer have to walk in the dark and experience the nuanced Care and more efficient and convenient travel.
04- Armrests on both sides & rear wall mirror

I don’t know if you have noticed, but most elevators have mirrors inside. So why should mirrors be installed in elevators? Is it to allow passengers to get dressed, or to pass the time?

In fact, the original intention of setting up the mirror is to help people in wheelchairs to easily confirm the location of the elevator entrance and exit, because it is not easy for them to turn around in the elevator; and people in wheelchairs have their backs to the floor display after entering, so they can see through the mirror. You know what floor you are on, so mirrors are very useful for people in wheelchairs! The armrests on both sides are mainly to provide support for the elderly or the disabled who are unstable.

Love should be barrier-free丨People-oriented, caring in the heart
Shanghai Fuji Elevator has always adhered to the “people-oriented” design concept, focusing on the travel needs of special groups, and subtly infiltrating the concept of barrier-free into product details, from elevator handrails, rear wall mirrors to disabled manipulators and Braille buttons, sedan chairs. Extended opening hours, voice station announcement system…Every place shows humanized and meticulous care, making vertical travel safer and better, and building a barrier-free environment to show the city’s temperature.

Post time: Jun-07-2022