2-3 people elevator

For an elevator suitable for 2-3 people, the following are suggested design elements: 1. Load capacity: Elevators with 2-3 people usually have a small load capacity. For example, about 204-270 kg. 2. Appearance size: The appearance size of the elevator should be suitable for a small space. Generally speaking, its door width should be between 80-90 cm to accommodate the disabled and larger items in and out of the elevator. 3. Speed: 2-3 person elevators are generally smaller, so the speed is also slower, the general speed is 0.5-1 m/s. 4. Floor height: 2-3 person elevators are suitable for low-rise buildings, such as small apartments, offices or shops, etc. They generally have 3-4 floors. 5. Safety devices: 2-3 person elevators should have necessary safety devices, such as upper and lower limit protection, emergency braking device, door lock protection, etc. 6. Internal design: It is necessary to ensure that the seats inside the elevator are comfortable. The elevator’s modern control system and buttons, such as digital panels, lights, bells, etc., ensure that users can take the elevator more conveniently and quickly. Hope these suggestions for a good lift for 2-3 people help!

Post time: May-22-2023